Hello Fellow Pet Lover, I Am Here For YOU!

Welcome to Angel PawPrint, where my goal is to help you heal your broken heart, assist you in the grieving process and provide the support you didn't believe existed. I am here to travel with you on your personal journey and allow you to freely express your individual sorrow. No holding back, no filter, no shame! Just unconditional support and no judgment.

Think of the me as the car that will get you from point A to B. Though the road may be curvy and have steep hills and deep valleys, we will get there. Rest assured, I will safely bring you to a greater understanding and a mended heart. All you have to do is jump in the passenger seat and trust me to do the driving.



  • To support, educate and create awareness about pet loss bereavement.


  • To pioneer a global pet loss foundation accessible to everyone in need.


Like a phoenix that obtains new life by arising  from the ashes of its predecessor, it symbolizes renewal. Exactly how Angel's passing gave birth to Angel PawPrint. It opened my eyes to the tremendous need in the community, the stigma attached to mourning the loss of a pet and the isolation many people face during that difficult time. No more! Dealing with pet loss now has a voice.

My goal is to develop a non-profit organization that can provide counseling, hospice care, after care arrangements and everything else that encompasses dignity for you and your pet. I want to create fond memories and minimize the trauma despite your financial situation. I also project offering this healing to people and their pets in different countries, call it "Love and Bereavement without borders".

My personal journey through life has culminated in this venture. Do you remember your parents asking you: "What do you want to be when you grow up"? I surely do. And even though they are no longer around, I am grown up now and THIS is my purpose. You can count on me as your personal Pet Concierge.

In memory of my mother, 1928-2012, who taught me true love
My LAST walk with my baby Angel on July 6, 2015