Our Paws In Heaven

In Loving Memory Of All My Pets

I feel exceptionally fortunate to have loved and been unconditionally loved by all these babies. Each one has a special and uniquely  individual place in my heart. There were none better than the other, just different.

Some were taken too soon and by unfortunate and heartbreaking circumstances. And there were times when I was so devastated, I didn't think I was going to be able to carry on. But then the darkness was a lesson that guided me back into the light.

So I want to thank all my babies for providing me with the insight, knowledge and enlightenment to create this platform, no matter how tough and hopeless it felt at times. You all blessed me and I honor you! And especially Our Guardian ANGEL, who is the true inspiration for my pursuit in creating an open and honest approach to pet loss.


  • Nicknames: Baby Smurf, Your Royal Highness, Boo Boo
  • Date Of Birth: 02/22/2003
  • Date Of Loss: 07/06/2015
  • Breed: Pitbull Mix
  • Home Town: Las Vegas/NV
  • Passing: Euthanized


  • Nicknames: Pinnsess, Baby Girl
  • Date Of Birth: 05/05/2002
  • Date Of Loss: 05/15/2013
  • Breed: Shepard Mix
  • Home Town: Las Vegas/NV
  • Passing: Euthanized


  • Nicknames: Mauser
  • Date Of Birth: 12/31/1991
  • Date Of Loss: 08/17/2006
  • Breed: Black Cat
  • Home Town: New York/NY
  • Passing: Dog Attack


  • Nicknames: Big Boy
  • Date Of Birth: 06/27/1996
  • Date Of Loss: 02/10/2005
  • Breed: German Boxer
  • Home Town: New York/NY
  • Passing: Abducted And Shot


  • Nicknames: Mazarin Mongolia Florramitz (KC Name)
  • Date Of Birth: 07/25/1976
  • Date Of Loss: 06/29/1978
  • Breed: Boxer
  • Home Town: Lulea/Sweden
  • Passing: Euthanized


  • Nicknames: Liten
  • Date Of Birth: Circa 1976
  • Date Of Loss: Circa 1977
  • Breed: Hamster
  • Home Town: Lulea/Sweden
  • Passing: Cancer (During Sleep)


  • Nicknames: Lurvan
  • Date Of Birth: Circa 1972
  • Date Of Loss: Circa 1975
  • Breed: Norwegian Forest Cat
  • Home Town: Lulea/Sweden
  • Passing: Presumed Lost


  • Nicknames: Grönis and Gulis
  • Date Of Birth: Circa 1970
  • Date Of Loss: Circa 1972
  • Breed: Canary Birds
  • Home Town: Lulea/Sweden
  • Passing: Both Got Sick