In Memoriam

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Welcome to our Memorial Garden. We feel honored to share these pet tributes with you. We hope that they will provide special comfort to anyone who has experienced the loss of a beloved pet.

And to all the funny, quirky and very unique furry babies who changed our lives furever, we salute you. You showed us unconditional love, loyalty and companionship. Each and every relationship was and still is a gift to be cherished.

So please enjoy the walk through our Memorial Garden. And remember, you are NOT alone!

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RAYITO-In Loving Memory Date Of Birth: 11/2007 Date Of Loss: 06/24/2017 Breed: Great Pyrenees Home Town: Cary/NC Dog […]


KATCZINSKY-In Loving Memory Date Of Birth: April 20, 2010 Date Of Loss: July 3, 2017 Breed: Maine Coon/Hybrid Home Town: […]


SCAMP-In Loving Memory Nicknames: Scamper Doodle Date Of Birth: 01/24/2001 Date Of Loss: 11/18/2008 Breed: Mixed Home Town: […]


BLU-In Loving Memory Date Of Birth: 11/11/2005 Date Of Loss: 04/06/2017 Breed: Great Dane Home Town: New Lenox/IL […]


SKIPPY-In Loving Memory Date Of Birth: 01/16/2003 Date Of Loss: 01/21/2017 Breed: Beagle Mix Home Town: Louisville/KY Dog […]


JINX-In Loving Memory Nicknames: Dudey, Pooter, Angel Baby, Sweet Potato, Honey Bug Date Of Birth: Spring 2002 Date […]

Sam Frey

SAM FREY-In Loving Memory Date Of Birth: 1988 Date Of Loss: 2005 Breed: Tabby Cat Home Town: York/PA […]


JIGGA-In Loving Memory Date Of Birth: 01/20/2008 Date Of Loss: 09/06/2015 Breed: Pitbull Home Town: Las Vegas/NV Dog […]


PRINCESS-In Loving Memory Nicknames: Gue Gue Date Of Birth: 09/19/2004 Date Of Loss: 09/10/2016 Breed: Dachshund (Wiener) Home […]


TIGGER-In Loving Memory Nicknames: Tigg Date Of Birth: 04/17/2000 Date Of Loss: 04/25/2013 Breed: Maine Coon Cat Home […]


GIOTTO-In Loving Memory Nicknames: Giottone, Gigigiotto Date Of Birth: 11/25/2002 Date Of Loss: 10/18/2010 Breed: Boxer Home Town: […]


DODGER-In Loving Memory Date Of Birth: 01/01/2004 Date Of Loss: 01/14/2014 Breed: Golden Retriever Home Town: Henderson/NV Dog […]