BLU-In Loving Memory

  • Date Of Birth: 11/11/2005
  • Date Of Loss: 04/06/2017
  • Breed: Great Dane
  • Home Town: New Lenox/IL

Dog Mom: Lori Friese

An Angel PawPrint On Lori's Heart

How I Became BLU's Dog Mom:

I drove 4 hours in the rain to look at puppies. I had recently lost my beloved 7 year old Great Dane Ebony and I was not trying to replace her, but rather to fill the gap that she had left in my life.

I arrived to 12 blue puppies. How would I choose? But one baby stood out, one independent boy with a question mark on his chest. He was the one and I named him Blu.

Blu went home with me, sleeping on my lap all the way home. He has been my love for 11 years and 5 months and will always be with me. Blu was my rock, my best friend, my confidante, my silly boy, my love.

BLU’s Favorite Toys:

Stuffed animals, any and all. But of course Blu would have to chew all the ears off, who needs 'em?

BLU’s Favorite Places To Visit:

The parks were Blu's favorite, anywhere where he could meet new people and new dogs. He loved everyone, especially children.

My Special Connection With BLU:

The look of love and caring in Blu's eyes were there every time he looked at me.  But in his last week, those eyes were full of sorrow and pain.

Saying Good Bye To BLU:

I have had dogs before and loved each one. However, Blu was with me through some rough, very rough times and also some amazingly happy times. He was right by my side, or leading the way, whatever I needed at the time. Blu trusted me, as I trusted him, right to the very end.

Blu fell asleep on my lap, a moment I will always cherish. As I will cherish EVERY moment I had with my big beautiful boy.

To BLU Across The Rainbow Bridge:

Run and jump Blu. Find Ebony and Jesse! And when I am ready, please meet me at the bridge. I will think of you always, miss you always, love you always.

BLU-Gone But Not Furgotten

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