Chin Chin

CHIN CHIN-In Loving Memory

  • Name: Chin Chin
  • Date Of Birth: 12/10/2006
  • Date Of Loss: 04/19/2018
  • Breed: Lhasa Apso Mix
  • Home Town: Las Vegas/NV

Dog Mom: Maribel Almeria

An Angel PawPrint On Maribel's Heart

How I Became CHIN CHIN's Dog Mom:

I saw Chin Chin at a flea market in Guam. My sister and I wanted a puppy. So when we saw that a family friend was selling puppies at the flea market, we noticed Chin Chin from the bunch. She was so healthy and full of fluffiness! I fell in love immediately.

CHIN CHIN’s Favorite Toys:

The first toy Chin Chin ever loved was her stuffed panda toy. She would play with that panda until it’s ears were chewed off. And ever since then, all her toys have been stuffed animals with a squeaky ball, so we would hear it all day and night!

CHIN CHIN’s Favorite Places To Visit:

Chin Chin loved the beach and anywhere with ducks. She was obsessed with them and it was really funny to see her try to chase them.

My Special Connection With CHIN CHIN:

Chin Chin was truly apart of me. She knew when I was sad and rejoiced whenever I was happy.

Saying Good Bye To CHIN CHIN:

Although Chin Chin fell ill, I am eternally grateful for the additional 6 months, which became the most memorable journey we went on. From the ups and down, we cherished the days when she was able to go to the park, chase the ducks, and go to all the dog events that we found online. In those 6 months, we also celebrated her 11th birthday, Christmas and New Year's.

She was also able to see my family from Guam when they visited us in Las Vegas. Because of her, we became closer as a family.

To CHIN CHIN Across The Rainbow Bridge:

Chin Chin, my heart aches that you have left us. But don’t worry, mommy will soon dry my tears, because I know that you are free. You have fought a hard battle and you deserve to be eternally happy. I will always love you until forever. Thank you for the gift of unconditional love you have given me. Without you I would never know the meaning of life which is love.

I miss you now, I miss you then, and I will miss you forever. Until we meet again my baby girl, be free and be happy. I love you.

CHIN CHIN-Gone But Not Furgotten

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