CODY-In Loving Memory

  • Name: Cody
  • Date Of Birth: 09/04/2001
  • Date Of Loss: 09/12/2018
  • Breed: Domestic Tabby
  • Town: Franklin/PA

Cat Mom: Cathiejo Carter

An Angel PawPrint On Cathiejo's Heart

How I Became CODY's Cat Mom:

Cody lived to be 17 years old. He was a neighbor of mine's cat, but every night after I got home from work, he was outside waiting for me. I ended up asking my neighbor if I could have Cody and as indoor cat only. They were so sweet and said that he was at my house all the time anyway and we laughed about it. Now I must admit that I did lure him in with canned food, tuna and treats, but that was mine and Cody's secret.

Cody was a sweet boy and got along with his other kitty siblings. When I would have a guest over, usually my mom, sister or boyfriend, Cody would jump on their laps and demand attention. He loved catnip and cat milk and treats, of course.

About two years ago, Cody was diagnosed a heart murmur and was prescribed medication. He had been on them ever since. Within the last month, I noticed weight loss, despite eating as usual. He went to regular check ups, but within the last couple of weeks, Cody was really getting skinny.

I took him to the vet last Tuesday for a check up. My great vet knew something was not right. Cody was sent home with some additional medication and blood work scheduled for the next week. Cody passed away this morning at vet's office.

CODY’s Favorite Toys:

Cody loved crinkled paper.

CODY’s Favorite Places To Visit:

Cody was an indoor only cat, but I would take him out on the deck so that he could get fresh air.

My Special Connection With CODY:

Cody was such a sweet boy. He always wanted to be held and greet me at the door every time I came in. Cody was such a big part of everything for the last 17 years.

Saying Good Bye To CODY:

Cody and I were together a lot and I believe he knows how much I love and adore him forever.

To CODY Across The Rainbow Bridge:

Cody, I will forever hold you in my heart. I will miss you everyday until we meet again. You can now be reunited with your brothers Tigger and Snuggles.

CODY-Gone But Not Furgotten