JINX-In Loving Memory

  • Nicknames: Dudey, Pooter, Angel Baby, Sweet Potato, Honey Bug
  • Date Of Birth: Spring 2002
  • Date Of Loss: 01/25/2017
  • Breed: Pitbull
  • Home Town: Las Vegas/NV

Dog Mom: Sonya Walraven

An Angel PawPrint On Sonya's Heart

How I Became JINX’s Dog Mom:

My boyfriend brought two dogs outside for me to look at and I instantly pointed at Jinx and said:  He is the one! A few days later, my boyfriend surprised me and brought him home to me. I bottle fed Jinx for a week, made mushy food until he was ready for his regular dog food.

Jinx was a very active puppy . He did whatever his free spirit wanted him to do. And over time, I finally got him to pee outside. We walked and ran together.  Jinx was a social butterfly. Everyone who ever met him fell in love with him!

JINX’s Favorite Toys:

Jinx loved his toys. His favorite ones where the kind that squeaked or made a duck noise, even more than regular dog bones. He was obsessed with water bottles for years. If we had friends over to visit and they had a soda or water bottle, Jinx would just steal it from them. But he would also politely blink his puppy eyes to the guests, until they felt guilty and simply gave the bottle to him.

Jinx would hold bottles upright, take the lids off and then spit them out. Then he just left the water bottle with no lid standing in the middle of the floor. He was relentless with bottles.

Jinx also loved stuffed animals. His last favorite toy was a big lavender Pegasus, which I now snuggle with daily. I can still smell Jinx's scent on it.

JINX’s Favorite Places To Visit:

Jinx loved strolling in the park with me or going on car rides with my mom, his grandma. He loved walking around new areas and explore. But most of all, our favorite place was in each others arms at home.

My Special Connection With JINX:

From the first day we met,  Jinx and I were soulmates. And our bond just got stronger everyday. For nearly 15 years, we were mommy and son. And we provided unconditional love to each other that will last for all eternity.

Saying Good Bye To JINX:

It was so hard to let Jinx pass away. I didn't ever want to live without him. Jinx was on several medications and his health was declining. He had a stroke at home and I rushed him to the vet to get help, but nothing could be done. It wasn't fair! I didn't want to let go, but I couldn't let my baby suffer.

To JINX Across The Rainbow Bridge:

I love you Jinx .You're my son forever, my angel baby in heaven. Until I get to heaven, play with my dad, Cali and Bishop, my grandma Ruth , Baybay, Chappa and all our other family members. I miss you so much baby! Life isn't the same without you here. Mommy loves you for eternity and beyond. Come and visit me in my dreams. Stay with me in spirit. I love you Jinx.

JINX-Gone But Not Furgotten

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