MIMI-In Loving Memory

  • Nicknames: Mimi Love
  • Date Of Birth: October 2002
  • Date Of Loss: May 2014
  • Breed: Boston Terrier
  • Home Town: Las Vegas/NV

Dog Mom: Erica White

An Angel PawPrint On Erica's Heart

How I Became MIMI’s Dog Mom:

My husband Roger gave her to me on my 26th birthday! Mimi was so little when she first came home and so cute! Absolutely adorable, I was instantly in love with her.

MIMI’s Favorite Toys:

Mimi didn't really play with any toys.  She loved her bed and also playing under ours.

MIMI’s Favorite Places To Visit:

We used to go hiking a lot and despite her small size, Mimi was a great hiker.  She really enjoyed being outside.

We took her with us to California and stayed at the Balboa beach hotel. It was a really nice room for all of us. That was Mimi's last trip with us.  She did really good on that adventure. 

My Special Connection With MIMI:

Mimi really loved and trusted me.  When her body was shutting down and failing her, she came to me for comfort.  Mimi was suffering the night before she passed, but she slept peacefully throughout the night with her head on my shoulder.  

Even though it's a sad memory, I feel comforted knowing she loved me that much.  Sleeping securely on my shoulder made Mimi feel a little better.  

Saying Good Bye To MIMI:

It was terrible to have to make the decision, but Mimi was suffering and I didn't want her to be in pain any longer.  We took her in to the vet early in the morning.  It was very heart breaking, but seeing her suffer was worse. 

I am glad we got to say goodbye to Mimi and give her love and comforting words.

To MIMI Across The Rainbow Bridge:

Thank you for loving me.  You are missed and thought of often.  There will never be another Mimi.  You live on in my heart.

MIMI-Gone But Not Furgotten

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