Sam Frey

SAM FREY-In Loving Memory

  • Date Of Birth: 1988
  • Date Of Loss: 2005
  • Breed: Tabby Cat
  • Home Town: York/PA

Cat Dad: Sean Frey

An Angel PawPrint On Sean's Heart

How I Became SAM FREY’s Cat Dad:

Sam came up to my family as a stray. She was a tiny kitten, no more than  a couple of months old, and she was very hungry.

SAM FREY’s Favorite Toys:

When my mom used to knit, Sam went after the ball of yarn. It used to drive her nuts.

SAM FREY’s Favorite Places To Visit:

Sam was a outdoor cat for most of her life. She loved to snooze on her electric blanket in the garage. It was not until later in life that she became an indoor cat. Sam would follow our family all over the property. Her favorite place was under an Alaskan Cedar behind my parents' house.

My Special Connection With SAM FREY:

Sam was a big part of the family. Always there for me. She loved to snuggle and kept me company, especially when I was hurting from personal health problems.

Saying Good Bye To SAM FREY:

Saying Good Bye was really tearful when she was being put down. My mother and I just cried and cried. However, an amazing thing happened when we returned back home.

During the time I lived on my parents' property, I never saw something like this happen. Right after getting back from the vet, a hawk flew down and landed on the bank. We had never seen one on the actual ground. They were always in the trees. It stayed there for awhile, just walking back and fourth, probably like 15 minutes or so. The hawk was just minding his own business. Mom and I stood there and watched him. And then he flew away. We knew everything was going to be OK, we believe it was a sign from Sam.

To SAM FREY Across The Rainbow Bridge:


SAM FREY-Gone But Not Furgotten

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