SUGAR-In Loving Memory

  • Name: Sugar
  • Date Of Birth: October 2003
  • Date Of Loss: 12/15/2017
  • Breed: Pomeranian
  • Home Town: Las Vegas/NV

Dog Mom: Nenci Navarez

An Angel PawPrint On Nenci's Heart

How I Became SUGAR’s Dog Mom:

I had always wanted a Pomeranian. When I first moved to Las Vegas, I met a salesman that came to my house trying to sell me a water softener. After turning him down, we began talking about dogs. I said I wanted a Pomeranian, and he mentioned that he knew a family that was trying to re-home their female Pom. I quickly said I want her! And then I went to pick up my new Furry Angel. Sugar!

SUGAR’s Favorite Toys:

She was not into toys

SUGAR’s Favorite Places To Visit:

We loved going to parks and enjoying the outdoors.

My Special Connection With SUGAR:

We would have so much fun traveling back and forth from Las Vegas to California.

Saying Good Bye To SUGAR:

I watched her slowly walking around on Thanksgiving, she was eating a lot. Sugar was going around to individual people looking for them to give her more food. She was also eating from the other dogs' food bowls and she wouldn't allow them to eat. Sugar wanted it all for herself.

To SUGAR Across The Rainbow Bridge:

Thank you for being my furry friend. Thank you for being my Fluffy Angel for over 15 years.

SUGAR-Gone But Not Furgotten

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