Some of the things that come to mind when you mention New Orleans are old cemeteries, delicious food and live jazz music. Who has been there and not tried a beignet, or two, from Cafe Du Monde? Or an overstuffed Po’Boy from Guy’s? Strolled in the colorful quarters of Bourbon Street? Perhaps explored the fascinating above ground tombs?  Well, I certainly made sure I had all of those covered.

It was also my initial introduction to the cemetery business. I attended the yearly convention for ICCFA, (International Cemetery, Cremation and Funeral Association), and PLPA, (Pet Loss Professional Alliance). It was quite surreal at first glance to walk among rows and rows of coffins, urns and other related items. Some more unique than others. And the selection was quite extensive. I made some great connections and all the different products will eventually be featured here in the Shop. Stay tuned for unique ways to memorialize your beloved pet.

We, King Von Nugget and myself,  enjoyed the PLPA reception when we arrived and mingled with pet loss professionals alike. Nugget certainly scarfed down on crackers to last a lifetime. And one of the mornings, we got up bright and early to attend the Annual Pet Memorial Service. It was emotional and very beautiful with a live singer. I wish Angel would had been included, but I found out too late and the submission didn’t make it. She will always be remembered in my heart, no matter what the situation.

After exploring the Riverwalk and to complete the trip, we jumped on a street car and headed to Lafayette Cemetery No. 1 located in the heart of the Garden district. Absolutely amazing! It had an eerie feeling from the overcast day, almost making everything black and white with a weathered texture. The author Anne Rice was inspired by this cemetery for many of her fictional settings. Perhaps Lestat’s tomb in Interview with a Vampire is the most notable one. Bite me! Other movies such as Dracula and Double Jeopardy have been filmed there along with music videos by LeAnn Rimes and New Kids On The Block. I guess the fascination stretches wide…

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