San Diego Pet Memorial Park

In 1962, the San Diego Pet Memorial Park was created by a family named Limpus, who wanted to provide a living memorial to all loving animals. It’s a beautiful sanctuary nestled in Carroll Canyon, wrapped in the arms of ancient oak trees with wildlife like deer, rabbits, quail and doves as frequent visitors. The family founded National Pet Remembrance Day on June 11,1971, to honor the memories of all the pets that were cremated or buried there.

The park was sold in 1990 and the new owners, John Sanborn and his mother Anne Jackie Lane, proudly run their family business with continued care and great pride for all animal companions.

Nugget and I found it peaceful, a tranquil spot hidden away in the canyon. It’s a place to come and reflect back on the amazing bond and life you shared with your fur baby, while being surrounded by lush trees and birds chirping. Granted Nugget had his moments while we were visiting the park. I am not sure if he “sees buddies” that he would like to play with, but he often reverts back to behaving like a silly puppy. We came across dogs, cats, horses and even a spider monkey. And some owners had already arranged for space for their still living pets. I call that smart pre-planning, it reduces the stress when that inevitable day finally arrives. I might have to personally look into this…me, Nugget, Angel, Princess, Master 7 and Mauser, ALL together!

And while strolling around the grounds, I came across a rather large headstone that the original owners, Bob and Dorie Limpus, had placed there with words to remember. Here it goes:

A Tribute To God’s Creatures

May all who pause here reflect upon the many wonders of God’s creation…and with true appreciation realize that the animals He placed in man’s protective custody…like those who sleep peacefully in this beautifully valley sanctuary, were given to fill all our lives with meaningful love and happiness.

Cherish their memory…for their unselfish dedication to purpose cannot be equaled by men.

And with that in my mind and heart, we headed back home…