Super Zoo 2017

My oh my, where can you go and find a plethora of the latest and greatest treats, toys, accessories and did I mention TREATS?! Super Zoo of course! Our Ambassador King Von Nugget was in heaven and I have to say that it was rather difficult to get anything productive done the first day, as he attracted so much attention and was willingly sharing his love.

As we strolled down the endless aisles, Nugget was greeted like a super model, while I was merely there as his servant and wrangler. It was great to see two of our vendors, Pura Naturals Pet for organic wellness care and FurEternity. Lots of snuggles were provided by Gila from Dog Is Good, who also later went on to win Pet Industry Woman of the Year 2017.  Congratulations to a successful woman on a mission.

And if you look real closely, King Von Nugget was in the spot light with the ambassadors from Lucy’s Pet products; “Surfin’ Jack”, the Golden Retriever, and “Ricky the Rescue Cat”. So much positive fur in one shot, bham-mind blown!

Some of the companies that made King Von Nugget drool more than once were Earth Animal, (best non raw hides ever), Herb Smith, Lazy Dog, Whisk & Wag, Nudges and Small Batch Pets. And the icing on the cake was the grand prize from iFetch, an interactive, automatic ball launcher. Who’s a lucky boy? But then again, with those eyes and cute face, who could resist? I made sure we signed Moderna’s wall to help out Karma Rescue, $1/signature was kindly donated. And I think we must have spent quite the considerable amount of time at Doggles, awesome glasses for dogs. Nugget demanded not one, not two, but THREE pairs; leopard, pink and silver. The diva, I tell you!

The rest of the time, I was on a mission to meet new vendors, look at innovative products and I noticed a very strong presence of hemp edibles for pets. One company, Treatibles, launched with the help of Mariah of  Villalobos crew from Pitbulls and Parolees, featured on the Animal Planet. Her rescued bully Tater Tot is the brand ambassador for Tater’s Sweet Potato TotsTM by Treatibles. And for every package sold, $1 goes directly towards the veterinary care for the rescue center. And hey, Nugget even got some awesome bully butt scratches by Mariah, he was quite in heaven being in the presence of rescue royalty. I seriously need to educate myself more in regards to this hemp movement. I truly believe this could help pets in hospice care.

I made sure I took the Pet Tech First Aid for pets class, always good to be prepared. And even though it’s all business, meetings and new connections, there was a little time to have fun also. One evening, I attended the WIPIN, Women In The Pet Industry Network, event. Lots of fun, innovative and creative women spearheading the business. And let’s not forget the rockin’ event at House of Blues with Trace Adkins, country star. Overall, Super Zoo was a great success, I even got to rub fur with the Energizer Bunny! I can’t wait for next year…