Senior Dog Project Casting

Your Furbaby's Grey Muzzle Is Precious And We Want It!

Thank you so much for your interest in receiving a FREE professional photo session of your senior dog, photographed by award-winning photographer Anneli Adolfsson, also founder of Angel PawPrint and RockStar Dogs. This is a project close to her heart and also part of giving back to the community to create furever memories. This Senior Dog Project is part of raising awareness about aging dogs, our responsibility as owners to care for them until the cross the Rainbow Bridge and just how beautiful they are with grey muzzles telling a story of a lifetime.

In order to set up your dog for a successful session with the  least amount of stress for them, it is important that you answer the questions honestly. It will ONLY be used to tailor the session for YOUR dog and THEIR comfort. No answer is the "right" one, only right for your dog.

NOTE: If you are having trouble uploading a photo on this form, simply e-mail it to me:

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