What Services Are Available To Me?

We often forget what is available or are to scattered to gather information when we are upset and emotional. More often than not, you have to assemble a number of resources to get the kind of care you need for both yourself and your pet. And with that in mind, I created this menu to offer you one place, one phone call away, for most of your needs.


  • There is pet loss counseling both prior, during and after the loss of your pet. A kind and compassionate person to be with you during those difficult moments, if no one else is there. That's what I am here for. To hold your hand, offer support and guide you through the journey.


  • A co-pilot during the euthanasia process, someone to be a sounding board and hand you a tissue when your tears are flowing, I will do all of that and more. There is no reason to face this hard decision alone, I am available to help you.


  • And let's rejoice and celebrate the glory and joy your pet has brought to you. The beautiful memories you shared, the special places you went, it calls for a celebration of their life. I will assist you in creating a customized event that will focus on all the unconditional love that made your relationship unique.


  • They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so what better way to immortalize your pet than with a wonderful photo or video session. Capture the beauty they behold, focus on letting your connection shine through and treasure those images forever, especially when they are no longer here.


  • The first time you welcomed your pet into your home, they became an irreplaceable member of your family. A video is a beautiful keepsake to honor all the precious memories of your fur baby that loyally and unconditionally stood by you through life.


  • And don't forget to look after yourself, to allow your mind, body and soul to relax. With my customized massage, you can feel safe and comfortable, wearing all your clothes and still getting all the benefits. Treat yourself, you are the keeper, make sure you stay healthy.


  • What better way to say thank you to those who dedicate their lives to protect and serve us, than to allow them some financial relief during emotional times, both for services and products. I am grateful for what life has provided and taught me, and I want to share that.