Community Outreach

Giving Back To Those Who Serve Us

I have always been an avid volunteer for a number of different causes; animal rescue, cancer patients, hospice care, food drives and troubled youth. My first and foremost passion has always been animals for as long as I can remember. During all my international travels, I make it a point of finding a local shelter or organization that can benefit from some additional help. It is also enriching and educational to see how different countries have created ways of managing their issues despite financial struggle and possibly less resources. And regardless of what country or continent I have visited, it always comes down to the one universal magic ingredient as the driving force; the unconditional love and compassion for those who cannot speak for themselves.

After personally being diagnosed with cancer, I found it very enriching to give back to those touched by the disease. During my remission, I sought out an organization called "The Caring Place", who provides services and support for free to either patients or their caretakers. I was so overwhelmed with gratitude that during later years, I created an event called "Beauty And The Bliss" here in Las Vegas. I would arrange for 5-10 massage therapists to provide services, all together in the same room, to anyone who needed a compassionate touch. It was magical and the energy was simply palpable. There were tears and friendly hugs flowing freely. I am looking forward to continue providing this support.

And recently I have grown a bigger appreciation for the men and women who serve in our community and for our country. And of course our working dogs, who provide such wonderful assistance and loyally serve by their side. So with that being said, I am offering discounts on all services and products to anyone who is actively serving or have retired from the following professions:

  • Police
  • Firefighters
  • EMTs
  • Military (Army, Navy, Marines and Air Force)
  • Veterans

These discounts also applies to ANY disabled person who currently is living with and being assisted by a service animal in their day to day life.

And if you are an organization, an event organizer or have a department that could benefit from a Complimentary Informational Session on Pet Loss, please Contact Me for more information. My mission is to create awareness, break some of the stigmas associated with grieving and provide simple and helpful tools for healing. And as an added bonus, Our Ambassador King Von Nugget will be escorting me on all assignments. He is my personal PTSD service dog and Sir Nugget is quite generous with the sharing the love.

How Do I Get The Discount?

In order to receive these discounts, Register For Free and during the checkout process, attach a copy of any form of ID or documentation supporting the qualifying prerequisites above. Please block out any personal information. You will receive a voucher in your e-mail that can be used for future online purchases. Simply apply the personalized discount code upon store check-out. You may also Contact Me directly if you are having any trouble completing the process.


  • Services: 50%
  • Products: 10%

Once you have been approved, your status will remain active for one (1) year and there is no need to apply again for future purchases during that time period. NOTE: In order for the discounts to apply, the order must be placed in your name and have your shipping address.

Attention: Calling All Veterinarians

If you have a private practice, or you are part of a larger clinic or a hospital, then I would like to team up with you. If you are providing palliative or hospice care, perform in-office or in-home euthanasia services or encountering highly stressed clients being faced with loosing their pet, I would LOVE to hear from you. I will be offering Free Monthly Pet Loss Counseling Sessions to a client at your clinic or hospital, whom you feel needs it the most but has the least amount of means to afford it. Please Contact Me and tell me about your operations and how your clients can benefit from this donation of services. Together we can help them better!