Life Celebration Event

Let Us Celebrate The Joy And Blessing Your Pet Brought You

A Celebration Of Life event will allow you, your family and friends to come together and support each other. It's an opportunity to express your feelings in a caring and loving setting. It will help you recognize that the loss of your pet is real. It's a celebration of love, loyalty, laughter and memories, centered around the joy that your pet and you shared.

There is also the option to hold this event prior to the loss of your pet. It would give family, friends and whomever you chose the opportunity to say good bye and spend one last time together. Capture this unique celebration on video and pictures, memories that will last a lifetime and something you can always look back on and smile. Each event is customized to the needs and wants of you, the pet parent. It can be held at your house, a park, a chapel or anywhere that you feel is appropriate and comfortable for your pet. Make one of your last days together one of the most beautiful to remember.

Allow me to create an unforgettable event where honoring the life your pet is the center of the celebration. I will handle all the details and arrangements so that you can focus all your time and energy on what's truly important; you, your pet and all the amazing memories. Schedule a Complimentary Consult with me and alleviate some of that pressure.

Life Celebration Event

Things to consider including in your event:

  • Personalized invitations
  • Candle lighting
  • Balloon release
  • Write and read a eulogy to your pet
  • Share wonderful poems
  • Choose a neutral or religious tone
  • Say a prayer
  • Play meaningful music
  • Donate to a charity in memory of your pet
  • Crate a memory chest for written personal notes
  • Plant a tree or flower
  • Create small keepsakes for everyone
  • Use flower decorations
  • Cater food and drink
  • Make a memory table with photos and toys
  • Create a beautiful program for guests to keep
  • Write thank-you notes for everyone who attended

Special Circumstances Event

If you already have chosen In-Home Euthanasia for your beloved pet and know the date, you have the option to include this Life Celebration Event on the same day. That is only if your pet will not endure any distress from a gathering.

This can be a beautiful and joyful way to include everyone in what otherwise is a very sad time. Gather and celebrate the amazing life of your pet. Share some tears and supportive hugs, allow everyone to say their personal good-byes and let the pet's last memories be happy and filled with love and care.

Let your pet enjoy a feast of their favorite foods, even the naughty ones, and make it a festive celebration where you have the permission to freely express and show your feelings. Play relaxing music or perhaps someone even plays a guitar and sings a song. The possibilities are endless and this will be a most unique experience.

So when the time comes to say good-bye and for your pet to cross the Rainbow Bridge, they will be surrounded by immense love and a caring community of those who's life your pet touched. How peaceful for your pet to share this last experience with you. We all wish we could be surrounded by such deep emotions and support when the time comes. Give your pet this gift of love.