Pet Loss Counseling

Why Doesn't Anyone Around Me Understand My Pain?

The time to consider contacting me, your Pet Loss Counselor, is when you are experiencing deep emotional pain, confusion and perceive that everyone around you is either disconnected, not compassionate or understanding of your loss. No matter where you turn, no one is there to validate the emotional turmoil you are experiencing. You mourning your pet being gone is all too real, deeply true and something you are absolutely entitled to feel. You find yourself being on the defense, trying to explain or justify your pain. You hide your tears and cry in silence, afraid of being judged. But it doesn't have to be that way.

Instead of fighting an uphill battle, I am here to assist you with creating balance in your life again. Together we will work towards healing and acceptance by providing guidance through the Stages Of Grief. I am here to listen, provide support and allow you a safe space to express yourself freely. In our sessions, there is no judgment. We will use tools and methods that are proven effective when the loss of a pet is overwhelming. Allow yourself the time it takes. Be kind to yourself.

Our goal is to help you become the better person your pet knew you to be. The person who loved them unconditionally, cared for them and did their very best, that's you! And what better way to honor the memory of your pet than to live a full life again filled with beautiful sentiment.

And keep in mind that you don't have to wait until you loose your pet to come and see me. Anticipatory Grief can be just as upsetting and stressful. Perhaps your pet is diagnosed with a terminal illness and you are unable to deal with the fact that death is inevitable, regardless of what you or anyone will do. We will focus on strategic planning, working towards acceptance and allowing your pet a painless dignified passing.

Remember, I am here for you throughout the entire process; before, during and after your loss. Together we will create a plan to alleviate some of the stress, difficult decisions and emotional trauma. No more fighting with family, friends and co-workers who thinks "you should get over it". No more fear of being judged. Simply you taking charge of your feelings and your journey with the help of myself, a neutral and highly compassionate being. Be proud of yourself, I know your pet will be.

Also, if your loss is in the past, but you never addressed your pain and you are now still suffering, I can help. There is no shame in hurting, but continued suffering is optional. After long periods of time with unresolved feelings, we may feel hopeless and that we "deserve" to continue to live in pain. Give yourself the gift of healing, start to unravel the web of darkness. Talk to me, someone who has extensive experience in personal pet loss, someone who "gets it" and has been there.

If you are uncertain or have questions, please contact me for a Complimentary Consult. We will talk either over the phone or via Skype. I am looking forward to helping you, a fellow pet lover.