Comfort Touch Massage


A fully clothed and customized massage performed in the comfort of your own home. I am using a blend of techniques from all over the world. It will provide comfort and enhance the ability to address your grief in a more relaxed state of mind, body and soul.

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Type Of Session

  • Session A

Goal: To introduce you to the technique

Length: 20 minutes

When: Combined with counseling only

Price: $25.00

  • Session B

Goal: To allow you to experience greater benefits

Length: 50 minutes

When: Combined with counseling or separate

Price: $55.00

Available Packages

  • Package 1

3 x Session A

Price: $65.00

  • Package 2

1 x Session A

2 x Session B

Price: $125

  • Package 3

3 x Session B

Price: $150.00


Where will the comfort touch massage take place?

  • It will be in your home, more often than not in combination with a counseling session. But you do also have the option of scheduling the 50 mins massages without a counseling session before or after.

How often do I need to schedule a session?

  • It is very individual, but I do recommend 1-3 sessions in the first couple of weeks after your loss. It will provide you with much needed relaxation during such a stressful time.

Can I get a refund if I don't use all my sessions in a package?

  • No, the packages are greatly discounted and unused portions can not be refunded. The sessions never expire and you do have the option to transfer them to someone else.


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