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If you currently working as a police officer, firefighter, EMT, military (Army, Navy, Marine, Air Force) or you are a veteran or disabled with a service animal, I want to thank you by extending you a discount on all services and products.  Please register here to receive your personalized code!

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Community Outreach Discount

In order to receive these discounts you must Register For Free. Select a Category above, Add To Cart and go to the Checkout.

During the checkout process, at the top of the page, you will be able to attach a copy of any form of ID or documentation supporting the qualifying categories. Please block out any personal information.

You will receive a voucher in your e-mail that can be used for future online purchases. Simply apply the personalized discount code upon store check-out.

  • Services: 50%
  • Products: 10%

Once you have been approved, your status will remain on file and there is no need to apply again for future purchases. NOTE: In order for the discounts to apply, the order must be placed in your name and have your shipping address.

You may also Contact Me directly if you are having any trouble completing the process.


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