Crystal Dog Bone


Hand-crafted to memorialize your beloved pet in an elegant Crystal Dog Bone shape. It displays a DNA swirl through the center. Interweaving a small amount of cremated remains with a swirl of your chosen color, our artists create a one of a kind memorial.



The Crystal Dog Bone offers pet parents dealing with the loss of a beloved pet the unique opportunity to preserve a portion of their pets' cremated remains in a solid work of glass art.

Each Crystal Dog Bone is created by hand to memorialize your beloved pet in an elegant Dog Bone shape. It displays a DNA swirl through the center. Interweaving a small amount of cremated remains with a swirl of your chosen color, our artists create a one of a kind memorial.

Size: Approximately 7 1/2" W and 3" H

Included: Custom engraving (optional to add)

Material: Glass

Shipping: USPS Standard Priority Mail

NOTE: Please add what you would like engraved on your memorial in the Order Notes on the Check Out page. If none, please leave it blank.

This memorial displays a warm sparkle when it sits on one of our LED light bases. It is often used as a nightlight to keep your beloved pet glowing all the time, (sold separately).

Within five (5) days of your order you will receive a shipping container to send us your pet's cremated remains. We need to collect 1/2 teaspoon of cremated remains for each memorial you order. Within 4-6 weeks of ordering you will receive your completed Crystal Dog Bone.


What can be engraved?

  • Name and key dates that represent the pet are recommended.  Another option is a sentimental quote that reflects your beloved pet.  We recommend 60 characters or less for engraving on the bottom of the memorial. There is no additional charge for engraving.

How long will it take to receive my order?

  • We estimate 4-6 weeks.  Each and every memorial is hand crafted by our artists, in our private glass studio.  Unlike molded glass pieces, there is a multi-step process to create each piece to order and provide the best quality in the industry.

Can we mix cremated remains?

  • Yes. If you want two pets in the same memorial please combine their cremated remains prior to sending.  They will share a single swirl and the 2nd swirl will be the color of your choice.

How are the cremated remains put inside the memorial?

  • The cremated remains are folded into the hot glass. They cannot be removed.

What if the cremated remains are not "white"?

  • The heat of the hot glass will bleach the cremated remains to white.

How much of cremated remains is needed to make the memorial?

  • About a half a teaspoon is used to create a single memorial.

How do I know I am getting my pet's cremated remains?

  • We have 100% accuracy in our quality system. Each and every step of the process is hand tracked and supervised and documented to assure the correct cremated remains are in the memorial we create.

Can you create a memorial without cremated remains?

  • Yes, just select the color that reflects your beloved pet and a special engraving for your memorial.

Why do we see color variation from what is in the picture?

  • Every Crystal Dog Bone is unique.  Part of the uniqueness comes from the way the color (oxides of metals: blue-cobalt, red-gold, green-copper, selenium-yellow, etc) distribute themselves through the glass.  The color density is only under partial control of the artist. The optic properties of glass and the variations in color density may give the Crystal a different coloration than that in the picture.  It’s as distinctive and beautiful, as unique and individual as the pet it commemorates.

How do I care for this glass memorial?

  • Cleaning your Crystal Dog Bone should be done by hand using a mild glass cleaner and a soft cloth.  No abrasive cloth or cleaning solutions should ever be used. The Crystal Dog Bone should not be placed in direct sunlight. The sun’s rays could magnify within the memorial causing a buildup of heat within the piece. Excessive heat can lead to potential cracks in your memorial.

How long with my memorial last?

  • A Crystal Dog Bone is a permanent memorial. With care, they will last forever, as a treasured remembrance of a life well lived.