Pet Loss Counseling


Remember that you are not alone, compassionate help is available. Schedule your Complimentary Consult today. And if you are already committed to start the healing process, book your regular Pet Loss Counseling sessions and be guided safely through the different stages of grief.



Types Of Sessions

  • Complimentary Consult

Goal: To answer your questions

Length: 15 minutes

Where: Phone or Skype ONLY

Price: FREE

  • Single Counseling Session

Goal: To start the healing process

Length: 60 minutes

Where: In-Home, Phone or Skype

Price: $75.00

Packages Available

  • Package 1

3 x Counseling Sessions (3 x 60 mins)

Price: $180.00

  • Package 2

5 x Counseling Sessions (5 x 60 mins)

Price: $250.00

  • Package 3

10 x Counseling Sessions (10 x 60 mins)

Price: $450.00


Where will the counseling sessions take place?

  • They will be in your home or a place of your choice. I prefer to be in the environment where your pet was and where most of your memories are in order to get a better understanding of the dynamics. You also have the option to have your sessions over the phone or Skype; voice or video.

How often do I need to schedule a session?

  • It is very individual, but I do recommend 1-3 sessions in the first couple of weeks after your loss. The sooner you start your counseling, the sooner you will begin your healing journey.

I don't live in Las Vegas/NV or I live out of state. Can you come to my town?

  • Yes, it is possible, but additional travel expenses will be added to the cost. Contact Me to discuss individual needs and to make special arrangements.

Can I get a refund if I don't use all my sessions in a package?

  • No, the packages are greatly discounted and unused portions can not be refunded. The sessions never expire and you do have the option to transfer them to someone else.