Disenfranchised Grief

Are You Feeling Alone, Alienated Or Judged?

Disenfranchised grief is classified by the lack of recognition not only from society but also friends, family and co-workers. It lacks the validation and diminishes the right to mourn. And that is something you, who just lost your pet, so desperately needs. It is difficult to share the pain with others. There are social standards, views and opinions that makes mourning the loss unacceptable or looked down upon. Society and people are quick to judge. They criticize you for deviating from what is considered normal or acceptable.

There are "invisible" guidelines to what is right or wrong. To deviate from those may be considered improper, frowned upon or ridiculed. Society governs who is entitled to grieve and over whom and what. You are left with little or no validation, should your behavior fall outside of the "norms". This lack of acknowledgement can have devastating effects.

It may lead you to feel very alone. You may become reclusive and feel like your right to grieve has been removed. It may manifest in a feeling of being alienated and also experiencing a sense of worthlessness. And that can be just the beginning of many complex emotions.

Aside from being shunned by society; friends, family and co-workers may subject the you to equally insensitive behavior. People around you may be distancing themselves, not being supportive and overall disconnect from your mourning process. This type of alienation can lead to exaggerated emotions and a stagnant life.

An incomplete resolution and the inability to flow with the different stages of grief, may express themselves in physical, psychological and behavioral manners. It would be advisable to seek out a mental health professional if it escalates and starts spinning out of control. And if you simply need a friendly ear and guidance, please give yourself permission to start the healing process in a safe and non-judge mental environment. Contact me today for a Complimentary Consult. Don't suffer in silence.