Pet Burial

Do I Choose A Pet Cemetary Or My Own Backyard?

Aside from the emotional attachment, there are practical and legal aspects that need to be considered when burying your beloved pet. A pet cemetery will provide a setting where your pet's remains will be undisturbed. And in the event that you relocate, your pet will still be cared for. It is a more costly options, but may provide significant peace of mind.

Each state has their own governing laws and most make it illegal to create "your own cemetery" despite the fact that you own the land. Rural or suburban settings may permit home burial, but may be unlawful or restricted in urban areas. Most states and cities prohibit burial on public land or someone else’s land, no matter how remote or uninhabited it may be.

Please make sure to check your local laws and how zoning affects you. There may be environmental regulations on the required depth of the grave, the materials used when the pet is buried, the proximity of the grave to local water sources and how the site is marked.

And if you are renting or leasing a property, you may want to consider another option all together as you most likely will relocate in the future. And the actual home owner may also disapprove of the burial of your pet. Protect yourself and the memory of your pet.

Pet Cemetary Burial

  • Choose an appropriate casket
  • Place toys or other memorabilia inside
  • Pick a beautiful burial plot
  • Select flowers and toys for decoration
  • Consider silk flowers for longevity
  • Select a personal marker or grave stone
  • Account for the annual maintenance fee
  • Secure the care with a perpetual fee

The pet cemetery staff will take into account your personal needs and means, and assist you in creating a customized memorial  for your pet.

Also ask for legal written documentation to ensure that their cemetery site is protected from future developments. If they are unable to provide such proof, you may want to consider burying your pet elsewhere.

Home Pet Burial

  • Select a place of significance in your yard
  • Dig a hole 3 to 4 feet deep
  • Choose an environmentally safe casket
  • Or pick an appropriate box and a blanket
  • Place toys or other memorabilia inside
  • Place a marker at the site
  • Consider planting a tree at the site
  • Avoid areas with waterlines
  • Avoid vicinity of water sources
  • Avoid underground wires

This is a way of keeping your pet close. It may create a sense of the pet "still being present" and provide emotional comfort, which in itself can be a powerful coping tool. This is a memorial that you and your family can visit frequently in the privacy and comfort of your own home.

I Live In Las Vegas. Can I Bury My Pet In The Backyard?

I personally researched Nevada Statutes of animal law, called Nevada Department of Agriculture, consulted with a local veterinarian and after receiving no clear answers in regards to the laws, I contacted Clark County Zoning Department. The clerk told me that he had NEVER had anyone request information in regards to burying a pet in your own backyard. After some research, he informed that it is NOT allowed to bury your pet on your personal property. He referenced the following zoning law : 30.44-1 Cemeteries.

According to the clerk, even ONE buried pet constitutes "a cemetery", hence illegal to do so. Will this knowledge prevent people from using their own backyard as a memorial site for their pet? Most likely not, but at least you are now aware of the legal aspect and can make an educated choice based on your personal situation.